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wireless desktopA completely cable-free desktop working environment. This is achieved by using a high-end Logitech® keyboard and mouse combination together with the same brand of headset. These components are wireless, rather than bluetooth, providing a much extended range: important when using the headset. A clip-on Logitech® USB “speaker bar” and webcam, and a DVD drive (not shown) can be provided if required. The monitor is a 23 inch LED model.

attached computerThe computer is mounted on the rear of the monitor. Removing it just requires lifting it off. Apart from the HDMI cable, which can be seen looped between the computer and the monitor, the only other cable is the 12VDC power cable which connects to the battery (gel battery provided, or truck/car battery) and feeds both the computer and monitor. The antenna array provides bluetooth and simultaneous dual-band wireless.

battery and chargerAn image showing the battery together with the intelligent charger, which conditions the battery from the mains electricity supply. It can be seen that the charger is attached to the battery with a plug and socket to enable the attachment of alternative conditioning sources (wind turbine or photovoltaic panel). The cable leading from the other side of the battery plugs into the cable powering the computer and monitor seen above.